October 2021

A paper with three Rwanda TREE co-authors was recently published in Nature! Our research contributed valuable Nyungwe data on aboveground C stocks for tropical montane forests.


September 2021

Olivier measuring nighttime sapflow with a portable thermal dissipation probe system, with sensors installed on >100 trees.

August 2021

Paper by Dusenge et al. published in Global Change Biology: Limited thermal acclimation of photosynthesis in tropical montane tree species.


July 2021

Olivier making leaf water potential measurements as part of his hydraulic field measurement campaign.

June 2021

Masts with infra-red sensors for canopy temperature measurements, raised and logging every 15th minute at all sites (here Makera).

June 2021

Myriam and Johan in a good mood after the successful PhD dissertation of Myriam – the first one in the Rwanda TREE protect!